Wiesbaden is the regional capital of Hesse and is a renowned spa location. The early Romans prized the healing and beneficial effects of the hot thermal springs, which visitors still enjoy today at the city’s thermal bath resorts. Numerous specialized clinics and rehabilitation clinics as well as health centers are located in the region and offer a wide range of services.

Wiesbaden’s city center is particularly notable for its intact historic structures and numerous points of interest. One of the most splendid structures is the Wiesbadener Kurhaus, which is a prominent feature of Wilhelmstraße, one of Wiesbaden’s major avenues and shopping streets. In this street, and in the nearby pedestrian zone, visitors can find notable brand-name shops as well as numerous other locations that offer something special to fit every taste. Charming grand hotels such as the Nassauer Hof as well as respected hotel chains offer visitors accommodation to match any budget.

There is a wide variety of opportunities for short trips within Wiesbaden, but the surrounding region offers its own attractions: directly on the Rhine, Wiesbaden features a harbor, which is a highly regarded recreational area among locals. In addition, numerous parks and gardens, as well as the Neroberg – the town’s landmark mountain – offer relaxing green spaces. A wide range of festivals, events and many other cultural activities ensure that no one will suffer from boredom.

Just a few minutes from Wiesbaden by car, you'll find the sweeping vineyards of Rheingau. This popular destination enchants visitors with its charming landscapes and is known worldwide for its wines, particularly the Rheingauer Riesling. Big city hustle and bustle is also not far away: Frankfurt is just 30 minutes from Wiesbaden by car, one of Europe’s most important financial and convention centers.